Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sheridan's Fun Run Post

On Wednesday the 13th of June 2012 at the top Field was the Tawa intermediate Fun run. We had to fund raise and I raised $182.  I got $182 because I told my Mum and Dad to take it to their work and ask their Friends if they could please sponsor me.  For the fun run my class had to come as a sport star but I just brang my shorts and my rugby socks.

After morning tea the whole school walked up to the top Field the teachers were telling us about what were not aloud to do then we were off.  Ms T was recording on the camera then she told Pouakai syndicate to yell out Pouakai on three then she went 1 2 3 and we all  yelled out Pouakai! as loud as we could. We all started running it was awesome I ran with Mason, Elias, Zac and Raumoa most of the way then we all split so I just ran with Sione all the way. I ran faster because I didn't want it to go into my lunch.

When it was over I was so glad because football and Dodge ball are the next interclass sports.

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