Sunday, 29 July 2012

Rahul's wonderful writing progress!

This week I thought we'd celebrate students who are making superb progress in their writing.  Meet Rahul.  At the beginning of the year Rahul needed a lot of encouragement to write.  Our last writing sample was a couple of weeks ago and this is Rahul's sample.  I was filled with excitement as he handed this piece of writing in for me to read...

I went to Titahi Bay with my dad to the Field to get warmed up. I put my boots on and my gloves on and ready to play this match.

The whistle blew and the game starts now. I saw the players tackling and passing. My friend skilled the other player and tries to score a goal but he misses. The other player from that team tries to score but i caught the ball and kicked it to the other player. My team got the ball and Narlin passed it to Josh and scored a goal and we were cheering for Josh.

25 minutes to go and the other team tried to score. The player ran up ahead towards the goal and tries to score and I dived towards the ball and bounced off my head and its a miss. The player goes for a corner and he took a shot and they scored.

It came to half time and I had a drink of water and listened to the coach whats he saying. Its our turn to kick the ball and the player passes it to someone and ran up to the goal keeper and took a shot and it went into the goal.  The tacklers tackled the players and tries to score but it was a over.

We won and it was 3-2 and we ate chocolate and oranges. The player of the day was me at my first game of soccer. I really enjoyed my first game.

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