Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lachie's Surfing Experience

The heat waves shot through the small batch like a bullet. We had been in the small town for around 2 days. The waves lightly crashed against the soft wet sand. "Looks pretty good out there" my brother said. I nodded in agreement. "Well then lets go" I said.

We lay there gently bobbing on the water, upon our boards. "Lets move in so we can catch a wave at the right time," I said. We both paddled with composure and were now about 30 metres from the shoreline. Then in a flash a decently sized wave rose behind me "Yes!" I shouted. I lay flat on my stomach waiting for my fate, suddenly a green salty curl lifted me up and shot me skimming amidst the waves at such a speed, salty liquid shot into my eyes.

 I was closing in on shore when the worst thing happened. I got caught up in the adrenaline rush, I leaned too far forward and the tip of the board plummeted into the sand beneath the water, flipping me fowards and filling my mouth with unpleasent grey grains. I stood up and felt a sharp pain in my ribs where the board had jabbed me. I looked back over my head towards the waves and spotted my brother laughing his head off. "Shutup" I shouted with grief.

We arrived back at the batch and had settled for a game of pool. My ribs still ached but at least I beat my dad at pool. I couldn't be bothered taking off my wetsuit when I got back, but eventually got persuaded by my mum in a yelling manner to take it off.

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