Friday, 2 March 2012

Meet Ryley Bridges

Ryley is definitely one of our talented writers.  I thought it would be a good idea to post a pic of her so you can put a face to her writing.  Hopefully she will accept a challenge to write a book this year or publish some of her work in the next Journal of Young People's Writing.  As you can see she is a lot of fun too.  If you happen to see her, maybe she will share with you what she had written on the stickers on her forehead and school shirt.


  1. Hello Ryley
    Great to put a name to a face and some fabulous writing. I will try and remember to ask you about the stickers next time I see you.

    What advice would you give to writers who might be having a hard time?


  2. Hello Ryley
    Finally glad to see you have an article in print, hope to see many more. May be we will even see your name as a credit with helping your peers in writing their own stories in future as well.

  3. Hi Ryley
    I'll look out for you in the playground. I'd love you to bring some of your other writing to show me.

    Mrs Moran


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