Friday, 2 March 2012

Ryley Bridges - Ngati Toa Trip

February 16th. A hot Thursday morning at Tawa Intermediate School. Pouakai Syndicate were going to Ngati Toa Domain. The courts, where everyone lined up, outside of the classrooms smelt like sun screen. People wore hats, sunglasses and bits of clothing that might of been the  latest fashion craze. I stuck with my normal style (T-shirt, shorts and sneakers). The teachers made us shout “POUAKAI!!!” at the top of our lungs. We then walked off down the street towards the train station, chatting among friends.

The train ride was boring but at least we weren’t stuck on the train forever (last year at the end of year picnic, we were stuck on the train for a length of time that felt like hours but was only about an hour). Pouakai syndicate filled up the train and the only other person on the train was some guy listening to music. We chatted about where we could go (and where we couldn’t). I attempted to take some pictures of people walking but sadly, failed miserably.

The playground was as hot as school. The suns energy was focused on us today. After eating, people split up and ran around the not so big playground. Students laughed, talked and shouted all around the place. Some boys went and played rugby on the field. Today was a day for fun in the sun.

The beach was hot and beautful. The water was cool and peaceful. I didn’t go in the water but my friends did and they enjoyed it. Reilly, Jackson and a couple of other boys went crab hunting. They screamed a couple of times like little girls when they saw big crabs. It was pretty funny.

The beach trip ended after hours of fun. Everyone enjoyed it and had the time of their lives. We become closer as friends, as a class and as a syndicate. Best Beach Day Ever!!!

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  1. I like your writing Ryley keep it up.;]


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