Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jorge's Cross Country Experience

18th May 2012 is one of the most exciting events of the school year.  Here at Tawa Intermediate a tonne of energy is about to be vapourised.Cross country is about to begin the other year groups have all left and now its our turn the year eight boys turn.  PWWWEEEEEEERRRRRRRRTTTT! The whistle blows and were off.  Blood pumping,Heart racing,breath dissipating into the empty sky.We race of after the sound of the blistering whistle.Fighting for air I continue to race,

After completing the block run I continue onwards to the most devastatingpart of the course..... the linden school hill.I start to head down the hill and jog under the bridge, half way across the course I start to get stitch and that's bad since I can see lots of people in front of me.

Nearing the end i can barely move I'm going to drop but I see the final corner people cheeringand I sprint to the end and I can hardly see anything,but then I whispered to myself,  "I did it".  I walk to the desk and hand in my number I was not happy with my result.  I have not improved in fact I got worse by thirteen places.


  1. Hey Jorge,

    I love the way you wrote your story.
    It has a lot of different sentence beginning and it has heap of variety words. Hey I am in room13 to. Did you like cross country? What year are you?
    Like the picture to.

  2. Hi my name is Tyrone

    Cool writing by the way. And I like how you expresed your writing. It is very good and what place did you come?

  3. Hi Jorge
    This is a grate story about cross country that is to bad you did not improve from the last time there is always next time and good luck for next time

    From Brandon

    And we all miss you Miss Tito


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