Monday, 14 May 2012

Ryley's Deadly Touch - Reading post

In reading, my group have been looking at the ongaonga tree.
Ongaonga is sometimes called tree nettle or fierce nettle. It is one of the worlds most dangerous plants. The ongoonga tree is a deadly tree that when a needle or hair goes into your skin and the poison bursts throughout your body. This plant is found as far south as Otago and the West Coast. It might be extinct north of Auckland. The bristles are about six millimetres, each one like a hypodermic syringe.
When the ongaonga grows, it goes past head height and the hair/needles grow fatter and more poisonous than when they were before.
Out of the world's most dangerous kinds of nettle, there are nettle that are more poisonous than the ongaonga. More dangerous ones come from tropical islands such as Timor and Java. In those places, the plants have names like devil leaf.

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