Thursday, 31 May 2012

Who's got talent?

As part of our Digital Citizenship topic this term, students have been learning about being 'Cyber Smart'.  Students were asked to share their understanding of some of the important 'Cyber Smarts' like; Smart Surfing, Smart Footprints, Smart Money and Smart Relationships.  Eden and McKenzie worked together to produce a Rap/Song about Smart Relationships with the support of Las (on guitar).  What do you think?


  1. Hi Guys,

    Nice song. I like your voices. Being Cyber Smart is very important.


  2. Hi my name is Leka

    That was great singing and that's good to be cyber smart I'm cyber smart are you cyber smart? I wonder who made this video?. It is very amazing.

  3. Hi Room 13,
    My name is Jennifer and I'm in room 13 too but at Pt.England school.That girl have a great voice and that rap is so awesome and cool that I want to listen to it all the time and that person that was playing the guitar is incredible at playing it.

    I Hope you have are having a lot fun at your new school Ms T.
    The whole school misses you so so much Ms T because you are a amazing teacher.

  4. Hi Room 13,

    It sounds like your class is really cybersmart!! Pt England is also being cybersmart, like you. Good rapping too.

    Be sure to visit my blog.

    P.S My class is Room 13 too.

  5. Kiaora Room 13,
    I liked the rap because its about cyber smart. Cyber smart is a good thing to do on anything. Your class is a cool class I would like to be in your class. We Miss you Miss Tito.

  6. Kia ora room 13.I really like the way that Las hunt was playing the guitar and when Eden was singing.Eden has a very beautiful voice and Mckenzie has a strong voice as well but for rapping.Miss Tito you have a very gifted class.Pt England miss's you Miss Tito!!!!

  7. Kia Ora Room 13,
    Well done to everyone involved in this neat clip to show being CyberSmart. We really enjoyed watching your movie and thought that was very clever. Did you come up with the lyrics and rap by yourselves?
    A big well done to your awesome teacher Miss Tito. We miss her very much too.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 9

  8. Fakalofa lahi atu Room 13 and Ms Tito,

    Fantastic rap and beautiful singing. You are a very talented bunch. You guys need to make an MTV movie. This is the second time I have seen your awesome rapper perform, he is so cool! We had a rap group perform at our PEPA (Pt England Performing Arts) concert. Your rapper would have fit right in! I hope you are all looking after your beautiful teacher, the wonderful and talented Ms Tito!

    Keep up the great work

    Mrs Lagitupu
    Pt England School


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